Mana Pools: Roaming River


This is video that could say a thousand words, but that would make it so boring then to look at and watch. I think when you go to a particular place trying to describe it to people afterwards is always hard but how then would people get interested about an area. These are the stories of the people and animals of the place that is, Mana Pools. People have lived in this part of the world for thousands of years and their stories have been lost to the sands of time. Though this is all changing with technology making it easier to see and experience places without even going there, I want to show people from all over the world how beautiful and majestic Mana Pools really is.This is an experimental video of Mana Pools in black and white and i think that this video trys to portray the really beauty of the Lower Zambezi River with all the different aspects. It is not just of the Lower Zambezi but also of other places across Zimbabwe and I hope and pray that this video will open your eyes to the beautiful African Bush that we have and that we should look after it as stewards.This is just a taste of the different short taste of the videos coming soon.

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