Mana Pools:Loxodonta africana, Land of the Elephant

Mana Pools National Parks is located in the Lower Zambezi where life is abundant but also very harsh and the reality of living in this paradise/wilderness is not something that anyone would subject themselves to experiencing or living in unless they were made too live in this environment. Elephants are no different to other animals that may live in this area. The same laws of nature that govern the animals govern these animals as well. They may be the largest land animals in the world but they are not without their own set of problems. People for years have been hunting the big tuskers for the profit of they tusks and have not always thought of the problem they may be causing for conservations and animal populations. The eco system is very much interdependant on the animals, plants and other things aorund that if one animal or plant disappers then the entire area is affected. Elephants though they present lots of problems they also are important to the balance Mana Pools National Park.


Elephants are beautiful and savage at the same time very much like people and they are very much more sensitive to life in general that we give them credit for.


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